Women entrepreneurship initiative kicks off

Staff Writer

Forty-eight mentors and mentees will officially kick off this year’s Katuka Mentorship Programme in Windhoek. Well-known human resource specialist Sabine Ruegg will conduct the three-day orientation programme.

The Katuka Mentorship Programme aims to empower and encourage entrepreneurs, business and professional women to succeed in their careers through mentorship by seasoned business and professional women.

The late Lena Markus, former Businesswoman of the Year 2000 in the category Corporate/Professional, founded the Programme.

In its twentieth year, the Programme has produced significant results in the careers of the participating mentees. To date, 401 entrepreneurs and businesswoman have completed the programme.

“The Katuka Mentorship Programme is a method of advancement, which provides support and training through relationship building. It is about matching a mentee and a mentor with a similar personal and professional interest in the process of support, sharing, and learning to help entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to start up, successfully run, or achieve success in their existing field of business at the highest level”, said the Programme’s Organiser, Desèré Lundon-Muller.

We are proud to be a conduit to the relationship that mentors and mentees will be building over the coming year. As we journey together in this partnership, we hope that each one who is involved in this process reaches her full potential, said , ” Bank Windhoek’s Head of Corporate Social Investments, Sponsorship, and Events, Bronwyn Moody.

Designed to facilitate the career development of younger women by exposing them to the experience of individuals with established careers, the Katuka Mentorship Programme will host its second training session in April and a third in August.

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