Women Network seeks to promote inclusivity in the workplace

Martin Endjala

It was decided at an event hosted by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) for the Women Network in Windhoek last week, to foster gender equality, empowerment, and inclusivity in the workplace.

The event brought together female employees, leaders, and external speakers for a day of discussions, workshops, and networking aimed at advancing the role of women in the workplace.

The event was hosted roughly a month after the MVA Fund Men’s Network event, underscoring the significance of inclusivity and mindfulness towards the diverse experiences and backgrounds of MVA Fund’s staff members.

Addressing the event, MVA Chief Executive Officer Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, highlighted the importance of introspection to uplift others and make a difference in their environment.

She said one should never underestimate the power within you to be a vessel of positive change in the world, regardless of their status or position.

“It is not about where you stand in society, but it’s about the impact you can make with your actions and choices,” she said.

Martins-Hausiku encouraged MVA Fund women to continue to inspire, support and uplift one another, as it is only in unison that they can change the world through one small act of kindness at a time.

The event featured the covering of various topics including among others, mental wellness, financial literacy and healthy relationships discussed in a thought-provoking manner, creating valuable networking opportunities, and the recognition of exceptional women in the organisation.

The CEO concluded that as part of the institution’s ongoing dedication to promoting a culture of inclusivity and equal opportunity, the Fund will continue to support the growth and development of its female and male professionals.

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