Women Take the Lead in Football Administration Workshop in Zambezi Region

In a significant step forward for gender inclusivity in sports administration, women took center stage at the recently concluded administration workshop for the Zambezi Football Regional League. Held from February 13 to 16, 2024, at the Katima Mulilo Youth Centre, the workshop saw a remarkable dominance of female participants.

Supported by the Namibia Football Association (NFA), the workshop welcomed a total of twelve women football club administrators out of 24 participants for an intensive four-day program. Covering a wide array of topics, the course aimed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills crucial for effective football management.

Among the key areas addressed during the workshop were FIFA regulations, NFA statutes, human resources in sports, club management, club licensing, finance, planning, communication, women in football, event management, sponsorship, and marketing. Additionally, a refresher course on FIFA Connect was provided to enhance participants’ understanding of digital platforms in football administration.

Reflecting on the workshop, participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity and the wealth of knowledge gained. One participant remarked, “This is one of the courses that have been long overdue in the region. The course was very eye-opening and also very educational.” The sentiment was echoed by others, with another participant stating, “I did not expect the amount of information that was shared; it was quite informative.”

Candy Katau, the Course Coordinator, lauded the initiative, emphasizing its significance for the Zambezi region. “This is one of the best courses that I have attended, and we look forward to the next course. I want to thank the regional leadership and the NFA Executive Council for prioritizing the Zambezi region, which we consider to have been neglected after the years,” Katau remarked.

The women participants who attended the course were Shiyukifeni Ester (NYSDP), Mwangala Nalisa(BLUE CHIEFS F.C), Mutame Antonette Namib (NAMIB CHIEFS F.C), Simasiku Mulela (ROCCANO KING RANGERS), Haukongo Mirjam (NAMPOL W.F.C), Kepa Clara (ZWFA), Salufu Mwaka (BUSH BUCKS W.F.C), Lilungwe Jennipher (NYC), Ntema Ntwala (CHINCHIMANE C.S), Sisileze Manga (ZWFA), Chaka Precious (ZRFL) and Kulatau Candy (ZWFA).

The dominance of women administrators in this workshop underscores the growing role of women in football governance and highlights the importance of fostering gender diversity within sports leadership in the Zambezi region.

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