World-Class Rare Earth Element Deposit Discovered in Southern Namibia”…“Twyfelskupje Deposit Sets the Stage for Economic Growth and Environmental Leadership”

Dr Alan G Marlow

In a historic discovery that is set to redefine Namibia’s economic landscape, the unveiling of the Twyfelskupje Carbonatite Rare Earths Element Deposit within EPL 6691 promises to be a game-changer for the nation. Spanning a vast 47,970 hectares in the Sperrgebiet, this world-class Rare Earth Element (REE) deposit is poised to usher in a new era of economic growth and sustainable energy initiatives in Namibia.
Under the strategic leadership of Founder and Executive Chairman Wilhelm Shali, the Shali Group is gearing up for an ambitious drilling campaign at Twyfelskupje in the Second quarter of 2024. This marks a pivotal moment for Namibia’s resource sector, as the recent revelation of the deposit’s extraordinary mineralization grade, particularly Neodymium oxide (Nd2O3) and Praseodymium oxide (Pr2O3) at an impressive 1.80%, coupled with an initial estimated resource of 850 million tonnes, sends shockwaves of excitement throughout the global mining industry.
Expressing his enthusiasm, Wilhelm Shali remarks, “We are extremely excited about the Twyfelskupje deposit and are looking forward to the start of a major drilling campaign this Year.” Shali emphasizes the rarity of such high-grade NdPr deposits globally, positions Namibia as a key player in the Rare Earth Elements market and drawing attention from international investors and mining experts.
Strategically located near the proposed site for the Green Hydrogen Project, Twyfelskupje adds significance to Namibia’s role in the green energy revolution. The Shali Group envisions unprecedented opportunities for collaborative development, seamlessly blending resource extraction with sustainable energy production, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious mining practices.
Anticipated to have a profound economic impact, the Twyfelskupje discovery is expected to create jobs and increase revenue, further strengthening Namibia’s economy. As the mining sector expands, Twyfelskupje emerges as a strategic partner for the Green Hydrogen Project, creating a robust synergy between natural resource utilization and clean energy production.
Against the backdrop of China’s dominance in the Rare Earth Elements market, Namibia’s Twyfelskupje deposit emerges as a symbol of the nation’s ascendancy in this sector. The deposit plays a pivotal role in reshaping the global landscape, emphasizing the strategic necessity for diversifying sources beyond China.
Namibia’s visionary approach establishes it not only as a key player in the Rare Earth Elements market but also positions the nation at the forefront of the Green Energy revolution. This foresight exemplifies Namibia’s commitment to sustainable resource development, solidifying its role as a global leader in environmentally conscious and responsible resource utilization.

Author: Dr Alan G Marlow B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., MAusIMM. Exploration geologist with over 35 years experience in exploration and development of a wide range of mineral commodities, including gold, base metals, uranium, and rare earths. Capacity: Technical Director (Shali Group).

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