WSS teams up with 061 Festival

Kandjemuni Kamuiiri

The Windhoek Show Society has for this year teamed up with the 061 Festival in order to attract a bigger crowd when the show kicks off next week from 24 September to 1 October 2021.

Windhoek Show Managing Director, Harald Schmidt, says although they don’t expect a lot of visitors, they hope the 061 Festival will attract a huge crowd to compensate for the expected low turnout. “The 061 wanted to be part of the exhibitors but we partnered up instead, they are responsible for the music, food and drinks, entertainment basically. Usually we would have fun activities and gadgets that also draw large numbers of people.”

The gadgets and the people who know how to operate them come from outside the country but due to conditions pertaining to vaccination against Covid-19, and the expenses for a large number of staff members, they decided rather not to. Schmidt says exhibitors such as the Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) is not taking part this year, however NamPost is taking part and that is still to respond.

“It’s not close to the number of exhibitors that we would normally have but Telecom is still considering ,” Schmidt states.

The Windhoek Show is a big attraction on the Windhoek’s yearly calendar but was hit by Covid last year with fewer attendances.

Schmidt also informs that agriculture will be the main focus for the show, now called ‘Windhoek Agricultural Show.’

The show Managing Director adds that the industrial component is not included in the event’s name, but this should not be interpreted as non-agricultural related exhibits being unwelcomed.

Based on the Windhoek Agricultural show’s website the Large (Cattle) Livestock Committee has been mandated by their constituents (exhibitors / breeders) and, by implication, the respective Cattle Breeder Associations confirm their participation at this year’s show.

A number of actions have been allocated for execution to various committee members. Amongst others, they reached out to the Small Stock Committee to ascertain whether small stock (sheep and goats) breeders share a similar appetite for show-casing their sector, and according to Schmidt the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“Is there a limit of 100 people in a mall, which is indoor? No, then why should we that based outdoors have that?” Schmidt comments about the current 100-person Covid-19 restriction for indoors gatherings.

“We believe that we are a huge outdoor mall and we rely on the people to act rationally and in accordance to the regulations. Everyone understands the reality and severity of Covid-19,” Schmidt says.

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