“Young people should not be mobilisers and campaign tools,” says LPM youth leader

Martin Endjala

Duminga Ndala, the Youth Command Element Leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), has urged young people not to be used solely as mobilizers and political tools. Instead, she encourages them to aspire to occupy strategic decision-making positions.

Ndala made these remarks during the party’s Second People’s Assembly, which took place in Windhoek last week.

She stated that young people should not only be at the forefront of political campaigns for various parties but should also seek opportunities to sit at the table where decisions that shape their future and that of their fellow youth are made. This can be achieved by strategically positioning themselves in key industries and sectors to effect meaningful change.

“Young people are capable, talented, and skilled, and their capabilities should no longer be overlooked. This is not right and will never be right,” she stated.

Equally important, Ndala stressed that while she advocates for young people to be given opportunities, they should not be appointed to positions without the capacity to fulfil their duties.

She called on LPM leadership to hold accountable all government appointees who have deviated from the party’s values and ideological positions, focusing solely on satisfying their personal lifestyles and political desires.

“We are politically and ideologically grounded to know what is best for the party. We are not merely a kindergarten structure but a formidable one that has reshaped the minds of young people, fostering an active interest in politics—a change that has not been witnessed in Namibia until the formation of the LPM,” said Ndala.

She also said that the youth of the party are prepared to deliver results in the 2024 National Assembly and Presidential elections. They declared the upcoming election to be a Youth Vote and committed to reaching out to young people at various gathering places, from bars and clubs to institutions of higher learning, churches, and family gatherings.

The youth leader highlighted that in a world often marked by inequality and injustice, LPM stands as a testament to the power of collective action striving to improve the lives of every Namibian. This commitment, she said, is evident in the party’s advocacy, policy positions, and various governance initiatives.

She believes that the gathering of the Second People’s Assembly signifies that LPM remains a beacon of hope for the landless, marginalized, disenfranchised, underprivileged, and exploited youth, as well as for Namibians in general.

“Inspired by true revolutionaries from around the world, we recognize that the solutions derived from the Second People’s Assembly will benefit all oppressed people facing political, social, and economic subjugation in Namibia,” Ndala maintained.

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