Youth encouraged to make use of oil and gas opportunities

Martin Endjala

Young entrepreneurs and those seeking jobs are being encouraged to seize new opportunities that will be created by the Green Hydrogen industry as well as the oil and gas sector.

According to the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), Chief Executive Officer Nangula Uaandja, various opportunities within the diverse sectors and sought-after jobs associated with them have future prospects that can drive individual and business growth while contributing to national prosperity.

Uuandja spoke during Oxungi Youth Engagement Forum that was held in Windhoek last week. The event focused on a fresh approach to youth unemployment.

The Forum was designed as an interactive and collaborative platform, aiming to bridge the gap between Namibia’s dynamic youth demographic and the available economic opportunities.

It addressed critical issues such as the economy and youth unemployment, emphasising the NIPDB’s dedication to fostering a high quality of life for all Namibians, including the youth and building a resilient national economy.

Uaandja encouraged the youth to consider vocational training, particularly for positions related to the Green Hydrogen and Oil and Gas sectors, adding that with the advancement of the Green Hydrogen sector as well as the oil and gas industry.

“It is up to the youth to take advantage and start setting up businesses to offer the goods and services demanded within these sectors and find that value within themselves and bring that value to the market,” she said.

In recognising the youth as vital stakeholders in Namibia’s socio-economic ecosystem, Uaandja is adamant that open dialogues are crucial as the nation’s economy progresses and market dynamics evolve.

She emphasized that the forum signifies not merely a one-time event but marks the beginning of a comprehensive approach by the NIPDB.

It further reflects the institution’s commitment to fostering continuous engagement, facilitating discussions and implementing proactive measures to address youth employment and promote economic development in Namibia.

Its ultimate aim is to create an inclusive environment where no voice is left unheard, and no one is left behind.

NIPDB is located strategically in the Office of the President, which serves as the first point of call for potential investors wanting to do business in Namibia.

Its aim is to make Namibia the investment destination of choice by improving the ease of doing business here, starting with eliminating red tape and driving policy reforms.

Meanwhile, the Association of Technical and Vocational Education Training Institutions in Namibia (ATVETIN) Chairperson Regina Ambambi said that the current National Skills Development Plan has not yet made provision for such programs tapping into the Oil and Gas sector.

However, discussions are ongoing regarding the emerging sectors, but the national skills development plan is currently undergoing some changes to accommodate the emerging sectors.

Once the curriculum process has been developed, they will then move to implement it but before fully doing so, skills development will be looked at to understand the types of modules and tools that will be needed for such programs.

She also promoted vocational training because it will produce skills aligned with emerging sectors.

Amambi also reiterated that TVET is just like any other technical course or faculty and thus it will need due process to be followed to carry out such programs, earlier this year the National Training Authority (NTA) announced that it currently reviewing some of its policies and strategies as well as curriculums to align them to that of the national Strategic Plan, to ensure that they cater for the industries in demand.

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