Youth leaders urged to be optimistic

Martin Endjala

Young people and aspiring leaders have been urged to adopt a forward looking culture and avoid everything negative as this will jeopardise their goals and the ability to pull through difficult times.

These were the views expressed by Hun Mok Lee from South Korea, the secretary general of the

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and the Executive Director of the Seoul Education Centre – International Mind Education Institution.

During the International Youth Fellowship gathering on Mind and Character Education Conference at the Windhoek Palm Hotel recently, government officials, education specialists and university students, high school and primary school learners and members of the public attended in mass.

On development of the ability to think deeply, Lee highlighted that when you think deeply you can, have self-control and not fall into despair. Deep and creative thinking considers past challenges and looking at things from what they can become and not what they are.

Difficulties, despair, and suffering, he said, can only be overcome when you have a strong heart. A weak heart causes someone to go into isolation. “A strong heart develops when we begin to see challenges in our life as opportunities rather than threats,” Lee opined.

Additionally, Lee explained that a single cow can pull six tons of weight, but two cows combined can pull 24 tons, when their strength is united, immense power is created saying that when people get together and share the same heart, they can accomplish remarkable things.

Furthermore, he emphasised the importance of using ideas and creativity to solve problems in the

society, advising that young people can improve relationships with their parents and siblings and, how giving to others bring more satisfaction than getting.

Eugene Fritz from Rehoboth, who was one of the attendees described the conference as eye-opening and that he learned so much that he would not hesitate to suggest it to his fellow musicians. He remarked that the state of our attitude determines how we respond to various situations in our lives.

Natangwe Nambinga, the youth representative in the office of the Speaker at National Assembly, stated that the Namibian youth are lacking this Mind Education and that the Namibian nation is focusing more on other issues such as unemployment rather than mindset, which is a bigger problem with all the suicides being recorded in Namibia.

Nambinga went on to point out that the IYF volunteer program pushed him to perform more volunteer work, and the training in the programme taught him how to build his thinking.

Mercy Tjeriko, a student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, described the

Mind and Character Education Conference as a wonderful experience

IYF is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of the community through educational systems, global fellowships, and international relations intended at developing leaders of the next generation and construction of a radiant healthy society.

The benefits of IYF Mind Education Training: is to enhance spiritual and mental growth and expand global awareness, intercultural tolerance, and develop critical thinking and leadership skills. It further helps transcend individual limitations and standards and establishes sound character formation and a strong foundation for leadership.

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