Youth Minister Tjongarero criticized

Stefanus Nashama

The Independent Patriots for Change’s (IPC) National Youth Leader, Michael Mwashindange, has urged the youth across the country to vote for a change in their economic situation.

He said with so much unemployment in the country, it is high time that young people realize the need to go out and vote for change.

Mwashindange was addressing the media yesterday in Ongwediva on the topic ‘The Youth and Namibian Economy’.

“In the general elections of 2024, young people must vote for a party that will bring an end to their economic suffering,” he urged.

Mwashindange expressed his deep concern over what he termed “the shocking and traumatizing living conditions of the young people of the country.”

He said that Namibia and South Africa are the only countries where Ministers of Youth are too old to lead the Ministries responsible for youth affairs.

As an example, he named the Namibian Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero, who is 77 years old.

“This shows how they are not serious about us as young people, our desires, and our sufferings,” he said.

Mwashindange said that under the IPC government, the Minister of Youth shall be a young person under the age of 35, who will share the passion and aspirations of fellow youth.

He further stated that the manifesto of IPC dictates a 40 percent representation of youth in Cabinet.

“This means that young people will be at the centre of the decision-making, allowing us to decide what is best for us in 20 or 30 years to come. These young people will be appointed on merit and not because of who they are or how they sing and shout slogans at rallies but because of what they can offer to their country,” Mwashindange said.

He also pointed out that youth unemployment is estimated to stand at 45 percent, but much worse in places such as the two Kavango and Kunene regions, which are the centres of poverty in Namibia.

“It is clear that after 33 years of political independence, the poverty in Namibia is man-made and we are kept poor so we don’t think independently,” Mwashindage said.

He cited agricultural development and said that a country that is serious about ending the suffering of its people would invest in its vast fertile land to produce food and promote job creation and security.

“Yet the government of the day invested taxpayers’ money in many Green Schemes just for them to be abandoned with their rotting tractors and other equipment. We must remove these tired and careless mafias,” Mwashindange stated.

He said the much-talked-about Green Hydrogen energy project is a myth and a way of going to borrowing so that the money disappears on arrival, as he says has been the norm in Namibia.

“The Government is seeking to borrow money to invest in something we don’t even understand its value. You should know that we are going to struggle with our children in repaying these huge debts accumulated to enrich greedy and selfish individuals,” he added.

Despite the diminishing faith of young people in political parties and their leaders, Mwashindange appealed to young people to take ownership of Namibia and take a stand against corruption and bad governance.

“It is up to us to wage the war against corruption, abject poverty, and unemployment by voting out the looting party,” he said.

Mwashindange has since urged the youth to believe in their potential and recognize that they possess unique talents, skills, and ideas that can move the country forward.

“Remember, change takes time, and progress may not be immediate. But by staying hopeful, proactive, and determined, we can contribute to building a brighter future for all Namibians,” he urged.

Mawshindange said the youth’s energy, resilience, and passion have the power to shape a new Namibia.

Meanwhile, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Youth Leader, Duminga Ndala, said young people are unemployed and going through social and economic challenges.

She said the current Minister of Sport, Youth, and National Service does not seem to inspire young people and prioritize the needs of the youth in the county.

“There is a need for young people to realize the efforts to vote for the change of economic situations they find themselves in,” she said.

Ndala has also urged the youth to vote for leaders who understand and can address the issues affecting youth such as unemployment, and social and economic challenges.

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Parliamentarian, Inna Hengari, said beyond age issues, the Minister responsible for youth has completely rubbed the Ministry into the ground.

“Opportunities are availed to a select few, young people in rural areas have little to no access to opportunities while the Minister attends world meetings without a care about the status quo,” she stressed.

Hengari stated there is a need for a Cabinet reshuffle to make way for a new Minister who is capable, competent, and can promote the idea of functional rural economies.

“Our sportsmen and women are barely making ends meet with some of them having to do additional jobs. Worse is the President’s continued absence from the political scene and his nonchalant attitude toward a non-performing Cabinet,” she remarked.

In April, Minister Tjongarero told the Windhoek Observer that the Ministry noted issues affecting the youth in the country, however, the Ministry does not create jobs, it only coordinates employment creation and youth programs.

Political Analyst, Ndumba Kamwanyah, yesterday agreed with Mwashindange’s sentiment, saying it is time for young people to vote for the economic situation they are facing.

He said the 2024 elections are going to be about economic emancipation, which of course will force young people to make turns at voting booths in big numbers and defend their position on the economic challenges they face.

“Such a young person has enough energy to represent and respond to the needs of the youth,” Kamwanyah stressed. He stated the Ministry of Sports, Youth, and National Service has not done a lot to uplift young people economically, physically, and socially.

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