Youth urged to harness innovation

Stefanus Nashama

Peya Mushelenga, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), has urged Namibian youth to utilize the 7th National ICT Summit as a platform to showcase their innovations.

The Ministry stated that the Summit’s primary goal is to provide a platform for the ICT industry to discuss prevailing trends and challenges both locally and globally.

During the Summit’s official inauguration in Windhoek yesterday, the minister highlighted the significance of youth involvement.

He also stressed the importance of harnessing the Summit to foster change, drive innovation, and progress in technological adoption.

“Let’s unite in our dedication to secure our digital future and delve into the prospects before us,” he enthused.

Mushelenga further noted that active youth involvement in the Summit could transform their innovative ideas into tangible interventions and products.

“Participating in this Summit isn’t solely about innovating and ideating; it also offers the chance to network globally,” he said.

Mushelenga also addressed the rise in and danger of cyber-attacks in Namibia and other countries. He called for a collaborative effort among stakeholders to launch a broad-based awareness campaign on the issue.

He stressed that addressing the challenges of cybercrimes becomes exponentially more effective when stakeholders pool their resources.

In line with this, he said that the ministry, in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, has rolled out a Cybersecurity Strategy and Awareness Creation Plan. “The strategy emphasizes the protection of national critical information infrastructure, boosting awareness, and promoting collaboration within the cybersecurity domain,” he said.

He stated that such measures are instrumental in bolstering internet safety for Namibians.

Mushelenga also revealed that the government has ramped up its efforts against cybercrimes to address digital threats and protect personal data more effectively.

This year’s Summit revolves around the theme: “Re-thinking cybersecurity investment to safeguard the digital economy and its opportunities.”

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