Absolute final call for SIM card registration

Niël Terblanché

Emma Theofelus, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, has issued a final reminder to Namibians to register their SIM cards by 30 June to avoid complete disconnection.

This update is part of an ongoing national exercise that commenced in 2021, aligning with international standards and the Communications Act of 2009.

While addressing Parliament on Tuesday, Theofelus pointed to the substantial progress made in the SIM registration initiative.

“As of 30 April 2024, we have successfully registered 91% of active SIM cards, up from 70.6% in February. This marks a considerable increase, with 2 172 379 SIM cards registered out of 2 387 230 active cards,” she said.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) suspended 567 298 SIM cards on 31 March due to non-registration.

The minister said that this was done to compel users to comply with the registration requirements.

“During the suspension period, affected users were unable to make calls or send text messages, underscoring the urgency of the registration process,” Theofelus explained.

She said that telecommunication service providers have varied in their registration success rates, with Paratus Telecommunications and UCOM achieving 100% registration of their clients.

“In contrast, Telecom Namibia and Mobile Telecommunications have registered 70% and 94% of their users, respectively,” she added.

Despite the progress, Theofelus stressed the importance of the final phase of the registration period, which ends on 30 June.

She stated that all unregistered SIM cards will be permanently cancelled after this deadline, and their numbers will be reassigned to new users who must also register their SIM cards.

“I urge the public to encourage their communities to utilise the remaining time to register their SIM cards,” Theofelus said.

She stressed that SIM card registration is crucial for combating phone-based fraud, identity theft, and other criminal activities.

“Registering SIM cards aids in the investigation of crimes involving telecommunications and supports e-commerce and online trading,” she added.

Theofelus also outlined the benefits of having a registered SIM card, such as enhanced access to digital and online services in an increasingly digital world.

“I implore the public not to procrastinate but to take immediate action to register their SIM cards and contribute to a safer and more secure telecommunications environment,” she concluded.

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