ECN hosts voter registration data locally

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has refuted claims that its voter registration data is hosted abroad by a company in Hong Kong as reported by a local daily newspaper.

ECN Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer Peter Shaama said on Wednesday that the commission is dismayed by the misleading and unfounded article.

He said the claims have the potential to create misperceptions among the ECN stakeholders and compromise the credibility of the voters’ register.

“The commission reassures its stakeholders, including members of the public, that the ECN Voter Registration System has never been and will never be hosted abroad,” said Shaama.

He assured the public and electorate that Namibia securely stores and hosts their voter registration data.

According to Shaama, the commission ensures capacity building for all staff, including information technology (IT) staff, to enable them to carry out their duties diligently and professionally.

Shaama added that the commission has also made all requisite efforts to upgrade the Subdivision of Information Technology to a fully-fledged Division of Information Communication Technology headed by a manager.

“In view of this, the commission strongly urges members of the media to be ethical in their reporting and refrain from publishing reports that are misleading and not factual, as this has the potential to damage efforts towards ensuring electoral democracy,” he said.

He concluded that the Commission can reassure stakeholders and members of the public at large that it remains transparent in delivering its mandate and is committed to ensuring free, fair, and credible elections while continuing to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and safeguard voter information in accordance with the law.

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