AG wants N$ 5 million to attain independence

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Office of the Auditor General will need N$ 4 980 000 to acquire and maintain the institution’s financial and operational autonomy.

This is according to the Minister in the Presidency, Christina //Hoebes, who during her motivation for the budget allocation said the office’s independence program is one of three initiatives the office will pursue this year.

Public Expenditure Oversight, Independence and Legal Framework and Policy Coordination and Support Services are the three main initiatives that the Office will pursue.

However, according to //Hoebes, obtaining and maintaining financial and administrative autonomy as well as appropriate human, material, and financial resources is the office’s top priority during the current financial year.

The AG’S office was allocated a budget of N$ 119 823 000 for the financial year 2023/2024.

“As you may know, the Office of the Auditor-Genral is in the process to seek for financial and operational independence. The term ‘Supreme Audit Institution(SAI) Independence refers to the requirements that an SAI must meet in order to carry out its, mission and work efficiently,” she said.

//Hoebes added that the office has already managed to finalize two key legal documents which it plans to present to cabinet this year.

“To date, the Office has successfully managed to finalize the Policy for the Audit of State Institutions and Public Funds as well as the Layman’s Draft Audit Bill which are legal keys that will assist the office in attaining its financial and operational independence,” she added.

Furthermore, she said financial and operational independence will benefit the public and allow the AG to provide an independent and unbiased assessment of the financial and operational activities of the government.

Moreover, the Auditor General will need N$76 686 000 for the public expenditure oversight program and N$ 38 157 000 will be required for the policy-ordination and supportive services program.

Additionally, //Hoebes said the office also intends to finalize 152 audit reports.

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