SPYL Secretary hits back at Amupanda


SWAPO Party Youth League Secretary, Ephraim Nekongo has hit back at Affirmative Repositioning activist Job Amupanda, who last week said that the ruling party is old, fatigued, and unable to understand modern realities and aspirations.

Nekongo, in an interview yesterday said Amupanda is “mixing things” just because he wants to be the country’s next president. Nekongo added that Amupanda’s dream is far-fetched, as Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is the next president.

“First of all Amupanda is a product of SWAPO, lives in a country liberated by SWAPO, and was educated because SWAPO fought for the Independence of Namibia. He should not confuse Namibians simply because he wants to be the president. SWAPO is the only party with the vision of leading this country. Amupanda is a politician. If a child is crying for a knife and you give it to him, he will possibly cut himself which is not good,” Nekongo said.

Last week while answering questions on his presidential intentions, Amupanda claimed that Namibia, under the SWAPO-led government is one of the most unequal nations on the face of the earth.

Nekongo reiterated that the next president after Nandi-Ndaitwah will be a young person.

Nekongo also added that the nation is not impressed with Amupanda’s performance at the time he was elected Mayor of the City of Windhoek.

“Instead of fighting real issues and solving problems, they are fighting against each other in the City of Windhoek, simply because of power. SWAPO has done its best to lead Namibia. Of course, we have challenges within the party but we are not quiet about that. President Geingob is a leader with experience and he will never hand over power to the AR activist. We already have our candidate. We should vote for Nandi-Ndaitwah as our next president,” Nekongo said.

He further cautioned Namibians to desist from “making the mistake they did with the City of Windhoek and the Southern part of the country”. The South is predominantly led by the Landless People’s Movement.

“They should be Namibians with responsibilities. The party will continue to do more good things and improve where there is a need to improve, like in Agriculture, job creation, housing, health, schools, water, rural and urban development and on the meat industry, and the growth of the economy,” said Nekongo.

Nekongo further added that the courts and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigate all allegations of corruption and inequality against SWAPO.

Meanwhile, SWAPO party Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa declined to comment on Amupanda’s remarks against the party, saying those are his personal views.

“Please, I do not see the need to comment. What he said about SWAPO is his own thing. I can only comment if we were both part of the conversation,” Shaningwa said.

Efforts to get comments from SWAPO party Spokesperson, Hilma Nikanor were futile, while the party Vice President Nandi-Ndaitwah said she was attending meetings.

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