Allegations of cash for teaching jobs in Zambezi

Obrein Simasiku

Allegations of buying jobs in the education sector, even for qualified teachers is rife in the Zambezi Region.

A qualification alone is not enough, as you have to grease the palms to secure much needed teaching jobs, according to those in the know.

However, the Education Director Josty Kawana, denied any such irregularities, saying the directorate has not found any evidence of such dubious dealings.

Kawana challenged those with evidence to provide it to his office for the relevant law enforcement, including Anti-Corruption Commission, be roped in for the allegations to be put to rest, and have the culprits punished.

Tension is mounting as concerned residents are threatening to expose those involved in running the bogus scheme, which speaks to rampant allegations of corruption and nepotism. Recently a clip has been making rounds on social media, where concerned residents are alleging that brown envelopes are being exchanged in the dark between influential education officials and desperate graduates who are looking for jobs.

It is believed that luck alone and a qualification no longer guarantee one to be called for an interview let alone landing a job, unless you pay either in kind, goods or in cash. Sources say, some pay no less than N$10 000.

“Some teachers who are employed now and in recent years, were never even taken in for job interviews, but just straight appointments. How that happens we don’t know, no transparency or a trace or what procedures were followed,” fumed a resident who declined to be named.

“Corruption has gone far in the region, these things are happening and everyone knows it but nothing is done. Why can’t aspirant job seekers be accorded the same opportunity, because not everyone is privileged to pay the hefty amounts, in order to enjoy a prosperous life?’’

A few weeks ago at Lisikili Combined School it is alleged that successful candidates who were invited for written interviews, were required to retake the test because new applicants have been added, suggesting that there was a plan to reduce the number of shortlisted candidates. Another issue irking the unemployed graduates is the fact that some teachers resign to get access to their pension pay-outs, then return to the same position at same school.

“This person comes back and buys his previous position, how on earth can this happen? Who says the unemployed graduate cannot perform even better, but the leadership opts to recycle because they are all eating,” said another source who spoke to the Windhoek Observer.

Bring the Evidence

Kawana said he has nothing to hide and pleaded with those claiming to possess evidence to present it. ‘’For now these are speculations, we hear them from time to time. Even last year allegations of that nature was making rounds, we did the preliminary investigation but nothing tangible was found. So I challenge those in the know to write me the names and necessary action will be taken,” vowed Kawana.

He could however not entirely rule out the possibility of cash for jobs, hinting that the region is faced with an oversupply of lower primary teachers, hence considering the competition, some rogue officials can take chances.

“Sometimes you find 400 applicants vying for one post, so those are probably some of the situations that can make people engage in such dubious dealings. The over supply is a problem,” he said.

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