Heroes’ Day a self-celebration of Swapo: LPM

Martin Endjala

The Landless People’s Movement has described Heroes Day celebration as an event where the incumbent ruling party engages in ‘’self-celebration’’, disregarding the ordinary hero on the street who does not receive any recognition.

LPM, who is the controlling party in the Hardap Region, where the official commemorations are to be held in Mariental has withdrawn the regional council staff from all preparations of the event. The regional governing party withdrew from the preparations as the regional council was not consulted.

The leader of LPM Bernadus Swartbooi, as well as the regional council chairperson Gershon Daniel Francior Dausab, questioned the central government’s ignorance in not consulting the regional council and instead dealt with its governor figure, citing that it is disrespectful to the government and municipal jurisdiction structures.

Swartbooi accused the ruling party of trying to use the Heroes’ Day celebration to regain support in the regions, where the lost out. He stressed that LPM is not going to allow this to happen

“When I look at Heroes’ Day, I think about that teacher who buys books, who buys food and clothes for the young boys and girls going to school, that young person going through a lot while struggling to make life worth living, and for that person feeding other people’s children for free with their own funds, of whom they do not even get media coverage or recognized,” these are the heroes expressed Swartbooi.

He questioned the manner in which the day is celebrated, pointing out that it only concentrates on high profile names that are associated with Swapo, while pointed out that some of these individuals live luxury lives provided by the government.

He singled out and referenced Katrina Hans-Himarwa’s contribution in the education sector, pointing out that she paved today’s education in the region particularly the establishment of the Southern

UNAM campus that is currently producing graduates for the education sector. He emphasized that when recognizing someone, one does not look at their political affiliation

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