Amukwiyu:uniquely tested cadre

Obrein Simasiku

As the campaign for the Swapo Party top leadership positions and race for Central Committee reach the climax, Oshikoto Swapo regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu who is vying for the Secretary General post, says he has an unmatched track record of leadership having been groomed through the ranks, as well as working under the leadership of all three party Presidents and six administrators.

The campaigns are towards the Swapo Party 7th congress slated for end of November.

“No one else carries this track record, and this is a unique leadership role. That is why I am standing up here because I have been groomed enough by all my leaders, having risen through the ranks and being a coordinator for nearly 20 years. I have worked with all the presidents, Founding Father Sam Nujoma, former Hifikepunye Pohamba, and the current president Hage Geingob, while also under the direct supervision and leadership of all the SGs including the incumbent Sophia Shaningwa.”

Other SGs who worked closely with Amukwiyu include Pohamba, Shaningwa, Moses Garoeb, Ngarikutuke Tjiriange, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Nangolo Mbumba.

“I am a unique candidate in that manner. Thus this carries a strong message of my capabilities in leading, uniting, growing and glorifying the party in the width and breadth of this country. I am backed up by the experience and exposure that I have come to know as I come a long way as an administrator.’’

In addition, Amukwiyu says everything is under control, and he’s hopeful he will emerge victorious. “Signs are there, there is no region or place where I have gone and delegates or party members looked down or denied a platform. I am always being received with open hands, also this applies here in the region, we are here to host everyone without weighing who is more or less important. Equality is prevailing here,” he said, as the campaign hits the halfway mark.

‘’I have always been received with a high sense of comradeship. I know everybody, whether based in the region, these are not new people. Remember I am a leader and have been a leader of the coordinators’ forum, so I have met many of them, these are not new people to me as we have closely worked together. We attended many events politically and socially on a regional and national level. So even going to congress i am not a stranger, nor do I have an enemy,”

“We are honored to host our candidates tomorrow. As a disciplined region, we will accord every candidate an equal opportunity to be engaged productively.’’

He went on to say that, “as the regional coordinator of Oshikoto and your incoming secretary general for the Swapo party, I understand the challenges of the 21st century and am capable of developing administrative systems that hold comrades accountable and ensure that the Swapo party is proactive in setting the national agenda. As secretary general, I will always stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and under-represented, and advocate social justice for the disadvantaged Namibians.”

One of his strategist campaigners, Martin Olembe Antindi, said as a host region they are busy summing up all the nitty gritties so that the engagement is done smoothly and in a mature manner.

“The situation is quite normal and under control, we are trying to do this in a civilised manner as we do not want the events that happened in other regions to feature here. We understand its campaign times and its quite tense, however we are upholding the comradeship and brotherhood with a purpose of unity to prevail irrespective of candidate support,” said Antindi.

He says, he’s backing Amukwiyu and Prime Minister Saara Kugongelwa-Amadhila, who is battling it out for the vice presidency with incumbent Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, and only male, Environment and Tourism Minister, Pohamba Shifeta.

“As a region we sent a candidate to stand, so it is our duty to support him. We believe he is capable, and also is young and dynamic thus able to address the needs and aspirations of youth and old as he has both of all world experience. Same goes with Saara, her age is still relevant, she still has the energy to work. She has also been in the administrative system for many years, thus she understands the system, challenges and possible solutions, that is experience and wisdom in one,”

‘’Also Saara being the Prime Minister, it shows she has the power to lead the nation. In other countries, the PM is highly respected with authority, and here in Namibia if it was not for the amended laws, that paved the way for the vice-president position, she could be the highest government administrator steering this country’s agenda. Therefore, why doubt somewhere such a calibre to be a failure if she’s leading us and her capabilities are known.” he stressed.

Other campaigning candidates are Uahekua Herunga, David Hamutenya, Lucia Witbooi and Evelyn !Nawases-Taeyele, all contending for the deputy secretary general position.

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