Absence of minister delay work of Parliament

Martin Endjala

National Council MP, Paulus Mbangu has vent his frustrations about motions that are being put on hold due in parliament due to the absence of some ministers.

Mbangu blames the delays in the processing of motions on the ongoing internal Swapo campaigns for the top three positions in the party.

He told the Windhoek Observer in an interview that some of the motions, questions and querries require the presence of the ministers and Swapo MPs who have made the campaign their priority instead of their law making responsibilities.

He argued that personal political ambitions should not be at the expense of the Namibian people, stressing that they were elected into the house in order to deliver services to the people.

“When motions that are of importance are tabled and not addressed, deprive Namibians of an improved way of living,’’ Mbangu said.

Mbangu further said that minister should actually not be required to be fulltime members of Parliament and should only attend the house to answer questions about their portfolios.

Hence he called for the constitution to be amended so that it can speak to reality on the ground.

In his opinion the three branches of the State namely the Executive, Judiciary and Legislatures should operate independently from each other.

The fulltime membership of members of the executive, Mbangu believes erodes the legislative mandate to function independently.

“The minister of Justice Yvonne Dausab knows this, she was a lecturer of law at UNAM, that is why you do not see her full time in parliament,’’ Mbangu opined.

Mbangu foresees a similar trend playing out come next year where motions will have to be revisited, something he says delays relevant motions being addressed on time.

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