Amunime rejects SUN infighting claims

Stefanus Nashama

Simon Amunimd, one of the founders of the Students Union of Namibia (SUN), a body that represents students at institutions of higher learning, yesterday said he left the organisation for new students to pick up from where he and other colleagues left off.

He said those that are saying he left the student organisation because of disunity are not factually correct, adding that he just created room for new students.

“I have graduated from student politics to other bigger responsibilities in society. Some are in the corporate environment and others in mainstream politics,” he said.

Amunime said the students who are members of the organisation should carry on with the struggle.

“They must emerge from the zones of struggles and wage the student struggle on behalf of their generation,” he encouraged.

Although Amunime is no longer part of the leadership, he said he remains open to providing advice and offering financial support to the body.

Shigwedha Iipinge, a student from the University of Namibia said he was worried about why SUN is quiet about some issues that affect students.

He also said SUN used to be active when Amunime headed it, but since he left, the organisation seems to have stopped addressing its issues.

“All I can think of is disunity in the student body. If there is no disunity, the organisation should revive into an active representation of the student lake the way it started,” he said.

Amunime said being a founder of the SUN does not mean he should remain there. There is a need for other students to take over and continue with the work.

SUN was formed in 2019, as an alternative to the oldest students’ body, Namibia National Students Organisation (NANAO) after some students accused the organisation of being a sell-out and subsequently ended their membership.

Amunime said he founded SUN with other progressive student leaders. He served as the founding President, deputised by the current Parliamentarian, Inna Hengari, while Parliamentarian Maximalliant Katjimune was the Head of political education and Michael Mwashidange was the head of education.

“The likes of Hengari and Katjimune are now Members of Parliament, Mwashidange is heading the National IPC youth office, while I am currently working as a technocrat in a corporate environment,” he said.

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