Nampol to deal with //Kharas recruitment complaint later

Stefanus Nashama

Namibian Police Deputy Inspector General for Administration, Major General Anne-Marie Nainda yesterday said that they are currently busy with recruitment and that they cannot interfere with the process although they have received complaints regarding the recruitment process from the //Karas Region and complaints from other parts of the country.

She said the police will release a comprehensive statement on the matter once ready to do so, and both the public and media will be informed. However, she did not specify when the statement will come out.

“Yes, we have heard about complaints and claims regarding the current police recruitment in //Karas Region and across the country, but we cannot do anything while the process is still going on,” she said.

She also said the police needs time to review these claims and complaints from the public to make an official comment.

“This requires more time for the police to get it right, and we cannot do two things at the same time. This will affect the process. At the moment we are working on the recruitment,” she reiterated.

“At the moment, I cannot comment further. As I told you, we are busy reviewing this and we will definitely get back to you with the official statement,” she reiterated.

The claims come after the Landless People’s Movement held a press conference last week expressing disappointment on the police recruitment shortlisted names, claiming that applicants who are natives in the //Karas region were excluded and the list and that it is dominated by Oshiwambo surnames.

It was also reported last week by a daily local newspaper that some Swapo central committee members have warned the party that the latest police recruitment in the //Karas Region, which seems to show massive exclusion of the region’s biggest ethnic group, would only make it harder for the ruling party to reclaim the two southern regions.

Meanwhile, SWAPO Party Regional Coordinator for the //Karas, Mathew Mumbala said people should not politicise the police recruitment in the region due to surnames, adding that Swapo is not involved.

He said the region is complicated when it comes to people living in there and that it is not wise for people to judge the list by surnames.

He also said although the region is ‘unique’ it does not mean Oshiwambo surnames should not be there.

“You may find a person with Oshiwambo surname but if you talk to them, they cannot speak Oshiwambo or other languages spoken in the region,” he said.

Mumbala said those saying the ethnic group in the region is excluded should also consider the recruitment requirements.

“It is not good to judge without truth or say things that you do not know because you may end up saying things which are not true and blaming people who you suppose not to blame,” he reiterated.

Mumbala said he could not comment further since the recruitment process is still ongoing.

“I do not want to comment on things that I do not know. That is all I can say for now,” he said.

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