Amushelelo’s wife claims being stalked

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters have registered a case of allege harassment of the wife of Michael Amushelelo, Juliet Amushelelo.

In a media statement, NEFF said that Juliet was allegedly followed by four men in a black vehicle. The men allegedly abandoned their mission when they realised that the victim became aware of being trailed.

Her husband in awaiting trial in detention after he was refused bail for his involvement in protest at China Town last month. Juliet was also detained but was released with other fellow protestors and her husband and Dimbulukeni Nauyoma are the only ones where were refused bail.

The incident of Juliet being followed by the four unknown men allegedly happened on 16 June.

NEFF said that they fear for the life of their member.

“We take the Namibian Police in high confidence to try and track the suspects and investigate this case of common assault,’’ NEFF’s Deputy President Iipumbu Kalimbo said.

He added that NEFF will do all it can to provide security for the wife of Commissar Michael Amushelelo.

Kalimbo however said that though they extend their security measures, damage has already been done as she is already dealing with her husband who is in jail.

“Mrs. Amushelelo has been traumatized emotionally by the imprisonment of her husband and now
even more with the recent harassment by these four men. We have no idea what their intensions are but as a party we are not willing to compromise the life and the safety of Mrs. Amushelelo,’’ said Kalimbo.

The Windhoek Observer is also informed that, Amushelelo’s wife will be working closely with investigators to provide them with all relevant information to assist them in apprehending the four men, with her video recordings which she provided to investigators.

Meanwhile, Amushelelo is reported to have gone on a five-day hunger strike, in solidarity with the injustices being done against Namibians by some entities.

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