LPM still the launch its election campaign

Martin Endjala

The Leader of the Landless People’s Movement Bernadus Swartbooi has emphasized that the lack of
structural components within some political parties is the reason why they are not doing well in terms of service delivery and cohesion.

Swartbooi says that many of them lack this component, while pointing out that they do not think and act as a team. He further advised that learning each other is an important component in building a party.

Therefore, he is not bothered by other political parties 2024 election campaign launch.

The LPM leader made these remarks at a briefing today in Swakopmund, while addressing LPM leaders to address issues regarding the provision of electricity in Swakopmund’s DRC’s settlement.

‘’The recent LPM’s events across the country should not be misunderstood. They are not campaigning for 2024 elections, but rather serving their communities,’’ Swartbooi revealed, adding that their meeting in Swakopmund is not for the by-election, although the party has nominated a candidate.

He said their co-mandate is to see how to build the party, how to build the brand and to expand on it.

He further advised that issues pertaining to political parties, must be discussed and debated in Parliament, saying the parties are supposed to deliberate between elections on issues affecting

people, as well as running projects and making manifestos to tackle fundamental problems facing the people.

It is important of each political party to build, grow and consolidate structures and ideological postures to grow as a party.

His party, Swartbooi said is focused on building and developing quality leadership in its local authority both nationally and regionally

The party also revealed that about 40 000 residents received permission certificates better known as PTO, which was awarded to informal settlements in Windhoek, from 5000 that have been placed already 1100 are from Moses//Garoeb constituency.

The party also restored water restorations in some parts of the southern regions of the country.

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