An Exclusive Interview with DJ Alba

Where do you hail from?
I grew up between, Oikango, Henties Bay and Swakopmund. I have always loved music and all the elements that come with it.

Do you think being a singer makes your flow/style of dj-ing unique?
I can’t really say it changes my style of DJing, it just makes my brand a little more multifaceted.

What used to inspire you as an artist when you started and what inspires you now?
Growing up I listened a lot of music genres so I was inspired by that, but if I’m being honest deep house ( DJ Kent, Soul Candi collections etc really got me into DJing)

How do you incorporate your personal style into your corporate gigs? I must say you are quite fashionable.
Over anything else I try to dress as comfortable as possible, I love wearing heels but unfortunately they are just very uncomfortable to perform in so I choose especially my shoes very carefully.

What type of music do you listen to in your free time? Who’s top 3 on your self-care playlist?
This is gonna be abit weird but I have been listening to a lot of jazz, Indie, neoSoul and classical pieces so it’s actually hard to pinpoint only 3, but it’s a mixture between, Alina Baraz, Olafur Arnalds, Lana del Rey, Jhene Aiko, I really try to listen to music that is really light on the soul.

What wholesome activities keeps you grounded?
I listen to a lot of meaningful audio books, I also really love nature so I try to do something that keeps me connected to earth every other month… I meditate/talk to God a lot too, that’s my guy.

Are you spiritual? Do you think music is spiritual and can be used to heal
The nation ?

Yes definitely, music definitely has a way of changing a person’s entire mood… so it’s important to know what music to play and when, your selection can either make or break your event or your day.

Being one of the biggest popping djs in Namibia, what impact do you want your music to have on the youth?
The past years I have really been experimenting a lot and I think all I ever wanted is for my music to connect with people in a positive way, that’s why all my songs have a feel good energy to them.

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