An exclusive interview with the Namibian music trailblazer, the legendary Oteya.

We have noticed that Oteya is slowly making a come back on the Namibian social scene. Where has Oteya been?
Yes, I have been slowly making a comeback into the music scene. I released my Single ‘Amen’ towards the end of 2022 after Covid-19. Before that I was busy working on my music and I also welcomed my daughter, Malaika, in 2020 during the pandemic. Early this year I released my single ‘Closer’ on Valentines day, followed by ‘Shawty’ featuring Yomaps from Zambia.

Wife, mother, artist and entrepreneur, how do you juggle it all?
It’s not easy to juggle as all demand attention and all are equally important to me. I try to juggle it all, but I must admit, it’s alot. A day in my life is pretty hectic, but I wouldn’t want it any other way as I love being a wife, mother and an artist.

OgopaButterfly is your labour of love. What’s Ogopa up to these days?
OgopaButrerfly currently has one artist signed to it’s label and that artist is Oteya. The label is currently concentrating on just pushing me (Oteya) but at the same time, Sula is now Chairman of Nascam. As the new board of Nascam they are trying to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Nascam cause only if that is made right will the investment in the Industry be attractive for investors including OgopaButrerfly.

Is Oteya grooming or mentoring new artists? If so, can you please tell us about it?
The plan has always been to pass on the torch to the next generation, but it’s difficult to do that when institutions like Nascam who are supposed to protect our intellectual property are not in order. So, for now I am working on myself and getting an awesome album out. I am working on getting my craft tight to prepare myself for an international breakthrough.

You are a brand ambassador for some brands can you tell us about that?
I am the current brand ambassador for a cryptocurrency token called ‘Survivor Women Token’. I have been an influencer for many brands over the years such as Vigo, Appletiser, Durex, to name just a few. I am currently in discussions to become brand ambassador for a cider. I will share the information once the deal has been made.

You are also a business woman in your own right. Do you mind telling us about the ventures you’ve been involved in?
I am currently involved in cryptocurrency. We just introduced a new token called ‘Survivor Women Token’. This token is specially dedicated to all women from all parts of the World. Survivor was created to educate, inspire, inform and empower women through block chain, unlocking opportunities and driving innovation in this male dominated industry.

In what kind of space are you right now creatively?
I have been in a very creative space this year. I managed to complete my album and I did a song with Sunny Boy which is such a fun summer jam. We are planning on releasing it in December.

What is your opinion of the Namibian music scene right now?
As much as it looks promising, it’s not where it was 10 years ago. Event organizers are using the Covid pandemic as an excuse not to pay us what we are worth and as a result many artists are peforming for peanuts and this is a setback for our industry. Music to some of us is our livelihood and our source of income and there is a lot of investment pumped into it. We hope that can change in the years to come.

You are a multi-award winning artist both locally and internationally, what’s your opinion of the continental music scene right now?
Continentally, the music scene is on another level and that’s the level we were supposed to be if things were done right (like pushing local music more on radio and television and local support in terms of the turn outs at events). It’s inspiring, and it is the reason I am working so hard on my craft so that I too become part of that International scene. I will not rest until I get there.

As a veteran, which artists have been making an impression on you lately.
Waters and Yessir are coming strong. I hope they keep up with the pace stay and stay humble cause this Industry is nasty especially when the ego takes over the craft.

Are you working on new music right now? If so, can you tell us more about that?
I am planning a live concert to coincide with my official album release in March next year. We are planning on starting with the marketing for the launch in December.

Finally what can you tell us about Oteya the family person,
Oteya the family person is Daphne who has two children and a loving husband. I love spending time with my family, I love cooking for them, watching movies with them and just doing things as a family. I thank Allah for the beautiful family that I have.

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