We will deconstruct all economic redlines once in power: Angula

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

“At independence we should have deconstructed all redlines, we didn’t but now we must, and we cannot do that by driving fellow Namibians aside, we just cannot. But to construct together we must deconstruct.”

These are the words of Ally Angula, who indicated her intention to run as an Independent Candidate for the 2024 National Assembly and Presidential elections.

During a recent interview with this publication, Angula stated that the majority of Namibians have been excluded from economic participation due to many “redlines” which are not only the veterinary cordon fence (Redline) but other main economic streams.

Therefore, once she is voted into the highest office, her focus will be getting everyone on an equal footing in contributing meaningfully to the growth of the country to arrest social ills that are keeping society aback.

“We intend to correct those economic red lines in all of their forms once in office to have an economy that is able to create the much-needed employment, lift people out of poverty and secure the future of every Namibian. We must judge success by economic success and thus any policy, or law that keeps people in economic slavery we must attend to it by seeking truth from facts on the ground.

The facts on the ground are that those that are on the other side of redlining, whether financial or internal trade barriers such as the veterinary cordon fence or fruit cordon fence are being economically disadvantaged as well as being economically discriminated against. Economic discrimination goes against the fundamental rights so laid down in the Namibian constitution,” expressed Angula.

The Chartered accountant believes that Namibians will put their faith in her to lead the country because the nation has now realised who their true representatives are, those who never left their sight and also wish to genuinely change things for the better.

“I have always been an activist in my life and contributed immensely to many policy changes and impacted lives. For far too long we have allowed ourselves to be led by pure politicians and we took a back seat as professionals, those of us who have impacted lives directly on a daily basis and when proposing the much-needed policy change get rejected because we don’t sound politically correct.

This is an opportunity for professionals to contribute at the highest office of the land, we have a mountain to climb due to the demoralised society because of too much politics, but we are with the electorates and have ample time to listen to their needs, elections are after all about the people,” she said.

Angula who also served as Deputy Executive Director at the Ministry of Finance, argued that she can never stoop low to be used for political gain and allow Namibian people to continue to suffer. These are the reasons why those in power have not focused aggressively on the development of Namibia as they focused on playing politics, plotting and conniving in the dark to disarm people whilst the livelihoods of voters suffered.

“Ally Angula 2024, is not about me as a person but a practical step and platform to allow all Namibians who can make a contribution to step forward and lead, it is about shaping and securing the future. Correcting the wrongs, liberating the minds, removing the systematic crushing of self-esteem in society, minds dispossessed to believe that they are not worthy of what is currently availed to them,” literate Angula.

She added that the campaign is people-centred and making an impact in people’s lives, working towards finding working solutions for small businesses that are already employing many people, focusing on solutions that relieve starvation that has gripped the country, getting the economy to generate employment and a country that is working for all people to create wealth at a household level.

“One of our campaigns focuses on finding and unlocking energy because by unlocking it, water is unlocked and with water, we have agriculture, with agriculture we unlock food for every Namibian and we will also unlock manufacturing, a nation must be able to make and sell something. Our energy mix and solutions cannot ignore the blessing of the sun on Namibia because it does not send us an invoice,” she advised.

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