Anglican Church mourns the loss of Sally Kauluma

The Anglican Diocese of Namibia has announced with profound sorrow the passing of Sally Kauluma, a revered figure within the church community known for her dedication and service.
Kauluma passed away on Tuesday and her death was announced by Bishop Patrick Djuulume.
Kauluma, who originally hails from the United States of America, was the wife of the first indigenous bishop of the diocese James Kauluma.

She was remembered for her unwavering support and counsel which was a beacon of strength during her husband’s tenure in the colonial era.
When she relocated to Namibia (then South West Africa), she taught at St Mary’s Odibo Anglican Mission School in the Ohangwena Region.

The church in its statement said, her commitment to the church and its followers remained resolute even following her husband’s demise, as she continued to serve her parish and community with selfless determination.

According to the church, Kauluma’s musical contributions as an organist at the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr for many years were deeply cherished.
“Her enduring dedication and fervent passion not only enriched the worship experience but also left an enduring impression on the congregation and the broader church community, “ said Djuulume.

In this period of grief, the Diocese calls for solace in the fond remembrances of Ms Kauluma and the enduring impact of her life’s work.
According to the church, her legacy is seen as a continuous source of inspiration, embodying the virtues of faith, service, and love.

The Diocese extended its heartfelt sympathies to Kauluma’s family, friends, and all those connected to the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr.

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