Artist in the spotlight: Pekelatate Haindongo

Who are you, where are you from and how did you get into the arts and the photography industry?

I am Pekelatate Haindongo, a full time photographer based in Swakopmund. In 2018 my big brother acquired a small camera, that ended up spending more time in my hands and that’s when I grew fond of photography, and seemingly, having little time for anything else. At some point, it might have been an obsession.

What is your earliest memory of you being creative?
I guess I have been creative for as long I can remember. I was a decent drawer from my early Primary School years, but then only really taped into it in high school, when I began doodling and creating my own storylines for the illustrations.

What is it about photography that stood out for you?
Just how one can portray their perspective of anything through it. I find that very limitless.

Your images are quite unique and detail oriented, what /who inspires your style?
Thank you. I always feel the need to give attention to the details that make up the whole picture, which then ends up in me leaning more to close-up shots of the subject I’m shooting.

What is the one thing you love most about photography and being a photographer?
I love just how limitless it is. There’s really no rules to it, and how you can portray whatever your subject may be. The creative freedom that comes with it is what I love most about being a photographer
Where do you think the photography industry in Namibia will be in ten years time ?
I can tell you where I hope it will be in 10 years: I hope it’s a much more expressive industry, and fairly rewarding.

What’s your dream camera?
Right now, a Sony A1. It just seems perfect. I Need that.

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