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Beholden to former colonisers

“Traditional diplomacy, practiced by many countries in the pre and post-Cold War Era, has been in rapid decline
over the past several years. As a result, the term foreign affairs has become a misnomer, and in modern days,
international relationships, cooperation and partnerships are the appropriate terms used to describe our
efforts to chart common developmental paths. Given current reality, we cannot continue adhering to old
principles of diplomacy by perpetuating the practice of Cold War Era diplomatic practice. Therefore, our
Policy on International Relations must serve our domestic development aspirations.”

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I am not mad at Tangeni Iijambo

SWANU parliamentarian Tangeni Iijambo made sexist comments in the National Assembly. He said, “Women are too dependent and dependency is what brings a lot of problems for men who invest in them.” This elder from another era in time said exactly what he understands as the truth. He is a dinosaur in his myopic views on women, but at least he is honest.

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