Beach Volleyball League Serves Up Exciting Matches

The Afrocat Sports Club Beach Volleyball league kicked off with a bang on Saturday, 07 Oct, bringing together 34 teams and a total of 68 players ready to showcase their skills on the sandy courts.

The league, scheduled to run until November 25, 2023, promises weeks of thrilling volleyball action every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The opening day witnessed intense 2-A-side male games, where the young and dynamic Afrocats duo, Tanga-Omwene Simson and Teofelus Shayuka, faced off against the experienced Aloisius Ishitile and his partner Absalom Phillipus , who recently transitioned from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball. In an exciting start to the league, the Afrocats boys claimed victory with a 2-1 win, setting the stage for an electrifying tournament.

The league’s official opening ceremony, held at 11:00 AM, was graced by Mr. Joseph Haufila, the Chairperson of the Organization of African-Catwalker-Khomas. During his speech, he encouraged players and spectators alike to enjoy the games and emphasized the importance of embracing the learning process, especially for newcomers to beach volleyball. He also expressed gratitude to the school management, particularly Mr. Moses Haufiku, for their support and involvement in sports activities.

A. Shipena School Principal, Mr. Moses Haufiku, highlighted the significance of sports in the community despite limited facilities. He stressed the importance of water conservation and commended sponsors like OTB Namibia, Switch energy drinks, and Architectural Outlet for their unwavering support, showcasing their genuine dedication to promoting sports in Namibia.

The opening ceremony concluded with a heartfelt speech by Vice President (Organization of African-Catwalkers- AFROCAT) Mrs. Fiina Pefimbo Kashaka, delivered by young Afrocat Sports Club player Miss Theresia Iileka. Mrs. Kashaka expressed her gratitude to all participating teams and sponsors, especially recognizing Brimstone Medical Service for their continuous sponsorship in both indoor and beach volleyball categories. Their support, particularly for youth teams, was applauded for nurturing the future sporting stars.

As the games continued over the weekend, the players showcased their talent and determination, resulting in exhilarating matches. The results from the matches displayed exceptional teamwork and skill from all the participating teams, making the Afrocat Sports Club Beach Volleyball league a thrilling and competitive event for players and spectators alike.

The league will be playing every Wednesday,Friday ,Saturday & Sunday at A Shipena Secondary School

Results 2-A-Side male experience

“07.10.2023 Saturday*

Teofelus & Simson VS Absalom & Aloisius (2-1)

Luke & Jan-Eric VS Frans & Joseph (2-0)

Luca & Max VS Sakeus & Thomas (1-2)

Sakeus & Thomas VS Jefta & Simeon (2-1)

Panashe & Mutasa VS Jefta & Simeon (2-1)

Tobias & Messah VS Matheus & Karl (2-0)

Petrus & Joseph VS Haipa & Wilbard (0-2)

Frans & Joseph VS Panashe & Mutasa (0-2)

08.10.2023 Sunday

Abiatar & Ronel VS Teofelus & Simson (0-2)

Jefta & Simeon VS Petrus & Joseph (2-0)

Luke & Brinkman VS Haipa & Wilbard (2-0)

Results 2-A-side Female experience

07.10.2023 Saturday

Meriam & Meameno VS Lavinia &Emilia (2-0)

Pumi & Lameesh VS Beatrix & Nalady (2-0)

Meriam & Meameno

VS Soini & Claudia (2-1)

08.10.2023 Sunday

Cathy & Paulina VS Lameesh & Pumi (2-1)

Results Social 2 -A-Side Mix

07.10.2023 Saturday

Aloisius & Alushe VS Malinda & Pius (2-0)

Rivaldo & Pombili VS Haipa & Leontine (1-2)

Simeon & Ndeshipanda VS Sam-Ben& Meriam K (2-0)

Malinda & Pius VS Haipa & Leontine (2-0)

08.10.2023 Sunday

Abiatar & Martha VS Thomas & Ndapandula (1-2)

Simeon & Ndeshipanda VS Aloisius & Alushe (2-1)

Thomas & Ndapandula VS Martin & Meameno (1-2)

Abiatar & Martha VS Simeon & Ndeshipanda (2-1)

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