Energy Observer gives a glimpse into the future of clean energy

Niël Terblanché

Residents of Walvis Bay bore witness to a historical event as the Energy Observer, the world’s pioneering hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vessel, arrived from France for its seventh and final African stopover.

Namibia, with its eye on becoming a global leader in green hydrogen exports by 2030, welcomed this beacon of innovation with open arms.

The nation, which currently imports nearly 60 percent of its electricity, is working hard towards an ambitious energy transition.

The region’s impressive 300 days of annual sunshine, which closely competes with Chile’s world record, will play a crucial role in propelling the country’s potential in photovoltaic energy. The cool ambient temperatures, courtesy of the cold Benguela marine current, further enhance the efficiency of solar panels.

The Energy Observer team experienced this firsthand, witnessing daily the incredible efficiency of their onboard photovoltaic panels in the Namibian climate. The Energy Observer’s visit serves as a significant endorsement of Namibia’s endeavours to transition to clean energy.

Namibia’s dedication to green energy is not limited to sunlight. The country is home to vast renewable energy and mining resources and has been making significant investments in seawater desalination and green hydrogen production projects.

One standout initiative is Hyphen Hydrogen Energy’s N$200 billion project, greenlighted by the Namibian Government in May, which aims to produce two million tonnes of green ammonia annually.

The vessel, which started its journey as an ambitious vision in 2013, has now morphed into a symbol of sustainable maritime exploration.

Victorien Erussard, the project’s captain, founder, and driving force, has combined his merchant navy experience and offshore racing passion to turn this vision into reality.

With the backing of prominent partners such as Accor Hotels, Thélem Assurances, Delanchy Transports, Air Liquide, and Toyota, and the guiding hand of its patron, Nicolas Hulot, Energy Observer embarked on its mission to revolutionize the future of clean energy.

While the vessel was anchored at the Walvis Bay Yacht Club, the Energy Observer stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the endless possibilities of sustainable energy

As this floating laboratory prepares for its next destination, Brazil, its message is clear: the future of energy is green, and nations like Namibia are leading the way.

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