Berhanu Eyassu Wossen Assumes AFBC Presidency

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -The Africa Boxing Confederation (AFBC) witnessed the unanimous election of Mr. Berhanu Eyassu Wossen as its President. The inaugural gathering under his leadership marked a pivotal moment for the organization, with Mr. Wossen setting a tone of exemplary professionalism and fostering constructive discourse among the board members.

Speaking on his return from the AFBC Congress, Mr Benjamin Rebang, NABF President said that the primary agenda of the meeting encompassed crucial objectives, including the continuity of the existing board, establishing a collaborative partnership with the International Boxing Association (IBA), addressing past grievances, implementing organizational restructuring, efficient budget allocation, securing a suitable office location, fostering unity across linguistic and other differences, and advocating for the reinstatement of the Nigerian Boxing Federation within the IBA.

“Each agenda item underwent thorough deliberation, culminating in comprehensive votes that reflected the collective decisions of the esteemed board members. The outcome promised a promising new era for the AFBC under the capable leadership of President Berhanu Eyassu Wossen” he concluded.

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