Wanderers Squash Players Shine at Annual Awards Ceremony

Windhoek, Namibia: Wanderers Squash Club celebrated the outstanding achievements of its players during the Annual Awards ceremony this past weekend. The event recognized the exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work displayed by the athletes throughout the year. Among the standout performers were Timo Huster, Le-Hugo van Rooyen, Jacolien Steenkamp, Janre Olivier, Lida-Marie Calitz, and Max Endjala.

Timo Huster earned the title of “Most Dedicated Player.” Huster’s unwavering commitment to the sport has set him as an example for his peers.

Le-Hugo van Rooyen was crowned the “Most Improved Men’s Player” of the year. Van Rooyen’s dedication to enhancing his skills and relentless pursuit of excellence have undoubtedly elevated his game.

Jacolien Steenkamp was honored with the title of “Most Improved Female Player.” Steenkamp’s commitment to personal growth and development has elevated her game.

The Junior Player of the Year award went to the talented Janre Olivier, recognizing his exceptional skills and sportsmanship on the court.

Lida-Marie Calitz, named “Ladies Player of the Year,” has consistently demonstrated skill, determination, and sportsmanship, making her a standout player in the women’s division.

Max Endjala, the recipient of the “Men’s Player of the Year” award, for his outstanding performance and achievements throughout the year.

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