Beverage producers must promote responsible drinking

Martin Endjala

Lucia Iipumbu, the Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, has called on alcoholic beverage producers to foster responsible brands, ensuring that consumers imbibe responsibly.

She stressed that corporate responsibility should not only cater to those consuming alcohol but should also reach out to the education sector to instil moral values and impart lessons about the effects of alcohol.

These sentiments were expressed at the ABInBev Namibia Welwitschia Brewery in Okahandja during a stakeholder engagement.

“While we recognize the importance of alcohol trade for job creation and generating tax revenue, it’s imperative to monitor consumer consumption,” she noted.

Iipumbu also encouraged the company to diversify its product range beyond beer to cater to non-alcoholic drinkers and ensure responsible consumption.

She emphasized the importance of local representation across the nation’s entire industry, considering the country’s vision to be industrialized by 2030.

The Minister expressed her satisfaction with the sustainable solutions being adopted for water issues in Okahandja and commended the company for aiding the government in job creation.

She believes that more can be done and hopes to see further growth and innovation from the company.

Refusing to let scepticism hold back progress, Iipumbu urged people to view challenges not as setbacks but as motivators for pushing towards the nation’s goals.

She mentioned the ministry’s ongoing review of the Liquor License Act, aiming to streamline the licensing process.

The minister highlighted the economic impact and said that the beer industry has bolstered Namibia’s economy, contributing N$2.94 billion to the GDP, creating 9,000 jobs across the value chain, and generating N$1.26 billion in tax revenue.The industry’s operational presence includes one brewery, three depots, and a corporate head office employing 146 individuals.

Also speaking at the event, ABInBev Namibia’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Zoleka Lisa, emphasized the importance of collaboration.

She noted that building a prosperous nation involves working with Namibians, including over 200 local suppliers in areas like water treatment, waste management, and transportation.

Lisa assured the minister of the company’s commitment to sustainability, citing two major projects: the Solar Thermal Energy Project and the Water Stewardship Project in Okahandja. Both projects characterize the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance priorities. The pioneering solar thermal technology at the Welwitschia Brewery is a significant milestone. “Being the first in the ABInBev global family to utilize this solar thermal technology, is a monumental achievement for us,” she proudly stated.

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