Boardroom infights delay development of towns: Uutoni

Martin Endjala

Local authorities have been advised to stop their boardroom wars which disrupts much needed service and the overall development of their towns.

These were the comments of the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni during his oversight visit to the Oshana Region over the weekend.

Uutoni stressed the importance of local councillors to deliver on their promises during election campaigns, emphasising that the cease their board fights and attend to the needs of their local authorities.

He said these fights have become toxic to the community and a waste of time.

“These boardroom infights must stop right now, and work on mechanism to develop the towns so that the inhabitants can live better lives”, says Uutoni.

The MURD minister also took time to praise the Oshana town council for setting an example to other local authorities by developing its town, saying that it is conspicuous were ever you go.

“The Oshana town council is doing a great job and other towns should emulate the work that is being done here – you can see the development from the time you enter the Oshana region, the houses and the infrastructures, whoever says they cannot see it, then something must be wrong”, Uutoni continued.

During the ground breaking ceremony in the Ompumbu location in the Oshana Region, BH properties announced the construction of 509 houses in the Ompumbu location in Oshhakati at a cost of N$305 million over a period of three years.

The BH properties Managing Director Ben Hauwanga, said that the houses are earmarked for low income earners. The project will be constructed in three phases with phase one consisting of 47 houses, phase 2 with 130 houses and phase 3 with over 200 houses.

BH Properties will service the land and construct houses at their own cost. The project will provide employment to about 600 people. BH assured the community to offer a conducive working environment and competitive salaries.

Minister Uutoni applauded BH Properties and wants to see more private stakeholders coming on board, stating that the government cannot shoulder the burden of servicing land alone.

He advised contractors to come up with affordable and reasonable prices.

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