Call to review fuel levy regime

Martin Endjala

Several member of the National Council has expressed deep regret about the fuel price increase that was announced today by the Ministry of Mines and Energy ministry.

The price of petrol will increase by N$2.50 per litre and diesel by N$1.50.

The MP said the increase will put more pressure on household which are already struggling to survive.

Paulus Mbangu said during his budget motivation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy today in the National Council that an alternative has to be looked at to relief people from the burden of fuel increases.

Among other things, he asked why the ministry cannot look at Angola to import fuel. He further suggested that the government also look at the levy charged for electricity, in consideration of the rural poor.

He also wants the ministry to revisit some of its policies on diamonds and suggested for the abolishment of the monthly report small miners are required to produce and make it an annual report.

Another parliamentarian Harald Kambrude vented his anger against the ministry’s failure to formulate levies that create a buffer for the people during times of this nature.

Kambrude called on the Mines Ministry to revisit the fuel levies regime and see how they can help the citizens, lamenting that, “if we continue on the current trend, trust me, people’s livelihoods will be heavily affected, which may then require the government to go deep into its pockets to bail out people’s livelihoods’’.

However, the MP applauded the ministry on other positives in has done in the performance of the economy and uplifting the lives of the people.

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