BoN issues warning on investment scams

Martin Endjala

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has raised serious concerns over the surge in fraudulent investment schemes, which falsely claim government affiliations to lure victims.

These scams often target senior public figures, high-ranking officials, politicians, and civil servants with promises of substantial financial assistance for Namibia’s development projects.

Governor Johannes !Gawaxab emphasized the sophisticated nature of these frauds, noting that scammers present fake investment funds, allegedly worth millions or billions in US Dollars or Euros.

They offer to finance developmental and mega construction projects in Namibia, using forged documents such as swift money transfers and payment transactions to mimic legitimacy.

The BoN has thoroughly analyzed these claims and confirmed the non-existence of the purported investments. The central bank warns that these documents often contain noticeable errors, including typographical mistakes, inconsistencies, and counterfeit logos, all intended to deceive.

In light of these findings, the BoN urges the public to remain vigilant, to scrutinize information carefully, and to report any suspicious activities directly to the bank.

It is important to note that the BoN does not handle transactions for private individuals or entities unless it acts on the government’s behalf.

!Gawaxab reiterated Namibia’s openness to foreign direct investment, stressing the country’s commitment to supporting legitimate financial activities.

He assured the public of the bank’s dedication to protecting the financial system’s integrity and stability against fraudulent activities.

Namibia, recognized as a prime investment destination, especially with recent oil, gas, and green hydrogen discoveries, encourages investments that contribute to economic growth. However, the BoN reiterated that all investments must comply with national laws and undergo proper validation before implementation.

!Gawaxab stated that the Bank of Namibia will continue to stand firm in its mission to safeguard the financial system, ensuring a secure environment for genuine investments and economic development.

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