Sauna Fun Run Walk 2024 Unites Osona Village Residents for Health and Community

Osona Village, Namibia – In a groundbreaking initiative, Osona Village hosted its first-ever Sauna Fun Run Walk 2024, aimed at fostering community bonds and promoting health and fitness among residents.

Aisha Abrams, one of the organizers, shared insights into the event’s objectives and the numerous benefits it brought to the burgeoning community.

Abrams explained that the primary goal of the Sauna Fun Run Walk was to bring neighbors together, allowing them to forge connections and strengthen community ties. The added incentive of gaining fitness during the health-conscious month of January further spurred participation.

“Everybody’s on a fitness journey, and we want to help them achieve their goals while building a strong sense of community. We believe that a community that walks together stands together,” said Aisha Abrams.

Osona Village, located just a 30-minute drive from Windhoek City, witnessed an inspiring turnout during the inaugural event. Abrams highlighted that approximately 250 participants joined the morning walk, indicating a strong desire within the community for positive engagement.

“It just shows that the community really wants something in a positive way. Our aim is to enhance the community, create a safe and inclusive environment here in Osona Village,” Abrams stated.

Beyond fostering community spirit, Abrams emphasized the health benefits associated with sporting activities like the Sauna Fun Run Walk. Regular physical activity not only helps individuals stay fit but also contributes to overall well-being, preventing various illnesses.

The village, with a current population of around 6,000 people and plans to build 15,000 houses, is experiencing rapid growth. The event plays a role in making Osona Village one of the fastest-growing towns in Namibia.

Aisha Abrams passionately encouraged community members, particularly young individuals, to participate in such events. She stressed that it not only brings the community together but also serves as a positive outlet for the youth, keeping them away from potential street activities.

“With a growing number of people buying houses in Osona, we need activities like this to keep children off the streets. The more activities beneficial to health we have, the more kids stay away from the streets,” Abrams urged.

The Sauna Fun Run Walk 2024 has not only set a precedent for community engagement and health but also positions Osona Village as an attractive and vibrant residential destination. As the village continues to grow, events like these contribute to its identity as a community that values well-being and unity.

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