Bondelswartz invited to choose a new chief

On 29 May 2024, the Governor of //Kharas Region will mediate a meeting that will bring clarity to the Chieftaincy dispute of the Bondelswartz clan.
Nathaniel Christiaans, the Gaob Designated in a statement said that the Royal House of Christiaans extended its gratitude to President Nangolo Mbumba for his provision of leadership that was directed as such during the meeting convened with the Nama Traditional Leaders Association.
Christiaans called on people over the length and breadth of the country wherever the Bondelswartz may find themselves to come and identify their own Chief.
“We have waited for this moment for the past 10 years, and now it is almost here. By doing so you will do justice and fairness to yourself,” he said.
He urged people to come in numbers to Warmbad and added that Anna Katrina Christiaans during her reign of leadership was steadfast and stood the test of common good to do better for the clan.
“Filling the leadership void we have felt for so long. This date is the most important one that we have waited for. It marks the return of strong and rightful leadership to our clan,” he said.
He also called on people to come together in prayer and unity as the clan approaches this significant day. “Your prayers and support are crucial. Together, we will step into a new era of leadership and strength. Once our Chief is ready to be designated, no obstacles can change this decision,” he said.

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