Brave Warriors Historic AFCON Win Against Tunisia Marks Triumph for Southern Africa

Brave Warriors secured their first-ever victory in the AFCON tournament, causing one of the biggest upsets in the competition’s history.

The decisive moment came five minutes before the end of a tense match against African football powerhouse Tunisia, as midfielder Deon Hotto netted a stunning goal, sealing the fate of the encounter in favor of the Brave Warriors.

Coach Collin Benjamin, the mastermind behind the victory, demonstrated his strategic brilliance and the team’s determination have not only written a new chapter in Namibia’s football history but also elevated the nation’s standing on the continental stage.

The win against Tunisia, a team with a formidable reputation in African football, serves as a statement of intent for both Namibia and the entire southern African region.

Namibian fans are celebrating the historic win and singing in unison. The atmosphere in homes around the country, as they expressed their pride in the team’s achievement, with car hosting in the streets across the country.

Namibia has now firmly planted its flag on the AFCON 2023 map, and the Brave Warriors’ journey in the tournament has become a rallying point for national unity and pride.

As the celebrations continue, Namibia eagerly awaits the team’s next matches, hoping that this remarkable triumph is just the beginning of a memorable AFCON campaign. More on page 17

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