‘Caprivi’ group says no threat to peace

Obrein Simasiku
The Caprivi Concerned Group says they are advocating for dialogue and a referendum in the Zambezi Region and is no threat to peace, security and stability of the country.

They were responding to accusations by the Regional Governor in his State of the Region Address that they are advocating, campaigning and mobilizing for the banned United Democratic Party (UDP) of Mishake Muyongo.
Alufea Sampofu said that the actions of the group ‘’are aimed to secede the Zambezi Region from the rest of Namibia, thus destabilizing peace, stability and security of the country. Some of the returnees from Dukwi-Botswana are also joining in mobilizing some communities to support secessionist activities in the Region”.
But, the secretary general of the concerned group, Edwin Samati, distanced CCG from the secession attempt of 2 August 1999, by the Caprivi Liberation Army which waged a brief war trying to secede the then Caprivi from Namibia.

“We are peaceful and trying to exercise our democratic rights,” Samati stated.

He said since its formation in 2012, CCG has not engaged in any illegal activities, but has done everything in terms of the law
“We are not calling to secede Zambezi, but rather we are exercising our democratic right and in a peaceful manner to call for a referendum where the inhabitants can also exercise their rights to choose whether they want to be part or not of Namibia. Hence, if there are those who harbour plans to secede, we instead giving them a chance to join a dialogue and not run in the bush with guns,” stressed Samati, in telephonic interview with the Windhoek Observer.

But, Governor Sampofu is not convince, saying in his SORA that on 14 December 2021, some of them held a demonstration against the Government demanding that the secessionist political prisoners be released. ‘’Also that Namibia, withdraw from what they term “Caprivi” which they claim that the Namibian Government is occupying illegally and by force. Another demand was that, government to have a dialogue with Muyongo and the Government to allow for a Referendum to be held to determine if Namibians will vote for Caprivi to be an independent state.’’

CCG said they will hold a meeting on Sunday to engage, dissect and interpret the “bloodstained” boundary treaty between Namibia and Botswana.

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