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Big Ben, one of the best Namibian musicians and performers has announced a new musical brotha’ on the scene. His name is Fasie Kay.

According to the news release:

“We hereby wish to announce the release of an exciting brand new song by a new Namibian artist FASIE KAY called Mutima. The song was written by the artist himself being a songwriter and performer and was co-produced by Big Ben.

In the song ”Mutima” Fasie Kay expresses how he felt a lot of pain and hurt in the world, seeing so many people but no humanity and the increasing rates of suicide, Gender-based violence which drove him to write a song which spoke to what he believed in which is taking care of each other’s hearts. What the heart “Omutima” represents is love and when you are taking care of someone’s heart your taking care of someone’s love, this was a way of telling people to take good care of each other’s hearts although the song was personalized.

The new artist’s name is Ngajozikue Karutjaiva but goes by the stage name of “Fasie Kay.” He was born in 1999 and grew up at Opuwo where he completed his lower grades before moving to Windhoek to complete high school.

Fasie Kay is a passionate and driven singer-songwriter that has been making music on various levels since 2012. Because he was raised in a talented family, it wasn’t difficult learning to play various instruments such as the drums, piano and the signature instrument (the guitar).

This young and dynamic musician recently signed to work with Okinikini Records, a label owned and managed by one of Namibia’s top performing artists Big Ben.

Ben says that he was left with no choice but to work with Fasie Kay as he reminds him of himself when he started. He says the new performer has, “a guitar, a good song packed with true emotions and a humble demeanour.” He says that he will give guidance and direction but Okinikini Records does not promise the moon and stars; only hard work and opportunities. It will be team work.

The music that Fasie Kay makes is mostly revolved around what he listened to growing up. His sound is a mix of Folk-Pop, Afro-Pop, Afrobeat and Fusion genres with a strong presence of tribal rhythms. Kay says, “My music inspiration is diversified from well-known artists like Namibia’s Big Ben, Passenger and Ed Sheeran.” He creates music to touch the hearts of people and music that people can listen and relate to.

www.okinikini,, and Please contact Big Ben for more details at 0811471375,

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