Couch Cat: Don’t let life get you down!

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Economic numbers in the newspapers say how poorly Namibia is doing economically. The bad news should be no surprise. Covid-19 stuff knocked us flat. We all knew that. But, we must not get depressed and hide our heads in the sand! If we curl up and let the bad news take over, we can never rise. Let us find ways to laugh, sing, enjoy family and friends, be smart about saving and buying and re-charge our batteries to fight the good fight.

We cannot let the bad days drown us. We have to keep thinking and hoping and wishing for a better tomorrow. I know this cheerleading message is being met with rolled eyes and ‘get serious’ sista’. Cool. I accept all tomatoes thrown; but I shall not bow my head in this storm – you shouldn’t either.

Yes, the bank is calling you about your overdraft. Yes, your credit card is above its limit. Yes, you missed your Game or Nexus furniture payment last month. Yes, your buddies from whom you borrowed money are calling you for it because they’re broke too. Yes, you cannot go to a favourite café or restaurant because you can’t afford it. Yes, an unemployed relative showed up on your doorstep with no place to live. Yes, your job pays you half salary (or less) or you have lost your job altogether. Yes, you cannot afford to pay the bills to return to university.

If you hide in an emotional hole, none of those above realities will change. Only you can make things move. You must find a way when there seems to be no way.

When I am down, I watch kids laughing and playing or a baby sleeping. That is so beautiful and soothing. Life is beautiful after all.

For everyone else, maybe check out a wonderful music video and stand up and dance at home. Go to the one you love (or lust after) and have some great sex. Get into your favourite hobby and crochet or cook or play a computer game to distract your mind.

Go on line to family and friends and tell them you love them and ask about their day.

Take a walk in your ‘hood or on your property. Play with your pets or take the dog out for a walk. Instead of driving to the store for bread and supplies, walk there.

Take your braids or extensions out and go natural. Stand naked in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. Change your eye make-up and do something wild that you haven’t done before. Dye your hair blue!

My point is this: tomorrow is another day for love, life and joy. But, it is not going to come ring your door bell. You have to meet ‘joy’ halfway. Get up off your butt, stop crying, stop frowning, stop cursing and have hope for tomorrow.

I love to collect meditative sayings on Pinterest. You should definitely check that site out. It is fun to dream and imagine with the great photos they have. Here is one of my favourite ‘lists’ about life:

Steps to self-care

Say exactly what you mean

Trust your instincts

Never give up on your dreams

Don’t be afraid to say no

Don’t be afraid to say yes

Be kind to yourself

Let go of what you cannot control

Give and receive love

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