Collin Benjamin’s Tactical Brilliance Propels Brave Warriors to Round of Sixteenas Namibia Makes History at AFCON 2023

In a night that will be engraved in the histories of Namibian football history, Collin Benjamin showcased his masterful tactical prowess, guiding the Brave Warriors to a second historic achievement for the team and the nation.

The clock struck 21:00 Namibian time on January 24, 2024, when Benjamin steered his team to a groundbreaking qualification to the round of sixteen, following a momentous victory against Tunisia.

The journey to this remarkable feat began with Namibia holding their ground against favorites and top-ranked Mali in a hard-fought one-all draw. Collin’s strategic charge proved pivotal in that encounter. The Brave Warriors secured a monumental win, by putting the metaphorical nail in the Tunisian coffin and marking their debut entry into the round of sixteen.

Benjamin’s tactical genius was further underscored by his decision to field the same starting lineup for the third consecutive time, emphasizing the importance of consistency in achieving success at the highest level. This trust in his players proved to be a key factor in the team’s triumph.

Riaan Hanamub, who had a challenging outing against South Africa, redeemed himself on this monumental night, proving that Coach Collin’s trust in him was not misplaced. The resilience and determination displayed by Hanamub mirrored the spirit of the entire Brave Warriors squad, demonstrating that every player had a role to play in this historic journey.

As the final whistle echoed across stadiums and living rooms, jubilation erupted in Windhoek and beyond. Namibians, both on and off the field, joined in unison with players to celebrate this historical achievement.

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