JSB Sports Betting Announces N$300,000 Partnership with Futsal Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia – In a groundbreaking development, JSB Sports Betting’s Managing Trustee, Jayson Zulch, proudly declared a significant partnership with Futsal Namibia, amounting to N$300,000. The announcement comes on the eve of the announcement of the official Futsal Namibia National team, that will be taking on Tanzania on the 3rd February 2024 at 19h00 at the Windhoek Sports Plaza.

The announcement marks a pivotal moment for both organizations, signaling a commitment to the growth and success of futsal in Namibia.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Zulch stated, “We are extremely excited at JSB to get involved in such a well-organized organization such as futsal, which is led by Andrei and his team.” He emphasized the deep connection Namibians have with futsal, describing it as the “kasi flavor” that permeates the country, appealing to people of all ages.

While acknowledging that futsal might be relatively young, Zulch sees the partnership as an exciting opportunity to tap into the potential of Namibia’s futsal scene. He expressed the hope of elevating the everyday kasi flavor and propelling Namibian futsal to new heights.

“We are looking forward to our National team competing to qualify for the CAF AFCON Futsal Qualifier, and we, at JSB, have no doubt our team will achieve this,” Zulch confidently asserted, expressing the company’s support for the National team’s journey to the prestigious competition.

Futsal Namibia Chairperson, Andrei Tirtirau, expressed his gratitude to JSB Sports Betting, acknowledging the crucial role the sponsorship will play in preparing and ensuring the participation of the Futsal Namibia team in the CAF AFCON Futsal Qualifier. With the ultimate goal of securing a spot in the Competition proper in Morocco in April 2024, Trustan emphasized how JSB’s support is integral to the team’s success.

“The support goes a long way in preparation and ensuring that the Futsal Namibia team takes part in the CAF AFCON Futsal Qualifier,” Andrei remarked, highlighting the significance of partnerships in fostering the growth of futsal in Namibia.

The partnership between JSB Sports Betting and Futsal Namibia not only marks a financial commitment but also signifies a shared vision for the development of futsal in the country.

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