Couch Cat: When your eyebrows are missing in action

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

One good thing that comes from staying at home more and working remote is that I no longer need to buy or wear make-up as frequently. The face mask makes lipstick unnecessary and the mess made on the inside of masks by face powder, reduces that need too. But, the eyes become more important than the lips and cheeks these days. I have an eyebrow issue and I suspect many of you do too. Voilá! – The eyebrow template and brush.

A year ago, my daughter Martha was doing my face for an event where I was to be the Director of Ceremonies. She chided me that I needed to do something about my eyebrows because they were missing in action.

I never noticed.

I’ve never been big on make-up anyway. I have always resisted living my life captive to face powder, foundations, eye liners, false eye lashes, blush, lipstick and mascara. But, I looked at what she was saying about my eyebrows and realized that she had a point.

Menopause has its good sides and bad. Loss of body hair (I no longer have to shave my legs and underarms) is one of the good ones (or so I thought). But, I never realized it extended to the loss of eyebrow hair. But, it is what it is.

So, I got busy. Martha and I went shopping for dark eyebrow powders, as she decided I was too hopeless for pencils. We bought a template that I have to hold up to my eyebrows to make sure they are equal on both sides and at the right level. I simply have to brush in the black/brown powder in the opening and BOOM, I have eyebrows again.

Check out I learned a lot watching their ‘how to’ video. This was my homework.

“Always work from your inner brow toward the ends, lightly brushing upward and outward, following the direction of your natural hair growth.

Your inner brow should line up with the inner corner of your eye, and the arch should be three-fourths of the way across your eye. When defining the tail end, follow the natural direction of your brow.”

Even though I am at home mostly these days, I still practice making the eyebrows properly. I also continue to wear mascara when I go out. I have to use my eyes to speak non-verbally for me as we all do these days with masks covering our noses and mouths.

Play around with stuff to fix up your eyes. If your brows are missing in action like mine, learn about the eyebrow make-up. It is not so bad.

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