Couch kitten: Behind closed doors

Wetumwene Shikage

Everyone has identity besides the obvious: your name, last name, hair type, culture, race, skin colour or even family. Well that’s not the identity that sticks. One’s true identity is found within the mind, soul, personality and way of life. Who are you when you are with yourself? How are you behind closed doors?

Recently I read a post on Instagram which said “check on your strongest friends. Are they happy when you are not there?” I realized that this essential. Our friends are not just who we see when we go out. There is more to them that we need to see. Some of the funniest and strongest people need that same energy reciprocated.

Once you take caution about the things you say, do and act on, you might be on the right path. Be happy with the person you are and with the state of your mind when it’s only you. One way to truly be divine is to live while giving yourself the happiness you wish to receive from others. Don’t expect to always get what you cannot give to yourself.

Living to please those on the side is the root of an identity which somehow gets lost and dismantled. Many people do not live to make themselves happy but rather to make those that watch them happy.

There may be times when we want recognition. Take time to ponder on how well you’ve endured life’s storms. Congratulate yourself, treat yourself, be content and make yourself feel good. Bring out the true you by doing things that make you happy. Your identity will surely pop to the level that you will feel the change.

This is not to make you forget about those around you or to make you selfish. It is to help remind you of how your own identity can flourish.

Life has different stages and you as an individual has many stages that you need to go through (without skipping) in order for you to come out victorious in the end. Why not be the best at each stage of your life? Why not fill your heart with happiness? Why not?

I have learned to love myself. I need to make sure that I don’t forget my purpose. And, I must make certain that I do not hurt others in the process of finding this happiness. I have learned to be considerate, but be happy.

Sometimes your light may shine too dimly. The things you have achieved are overshadowed. That is when you need to show your inner self-love and open up to let your internal life shine brighter. This way your inner beauty can emerge. What matters is the most is not people’s perception. Who you are behind closed doors is the focus. Do not live to prove your identity to others, follow what you are inside yourself.

Don’t live your life to fill other people’s expectations.

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