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Couch kitten: Behind closed doors

Everyone has identity besides the obvious: your name, last name, hair type, culture, race, skin colour or even family. Well that’s not the identity that sticks. One’s true identity is found within the mind, soul, personality and way of life. Who are you when you are with yourself? How are you behind closed doors?

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Couch Kitten: Have you paid your water debt?

When last did you drink at least three glasses of water a day? When most of us are asked this question around this time; we are too quick to reply: “Oh I had coffee twice today,” or “I passed by a face and a latte/ cappuccino.” We are too hooked on hot beverages and have forgotten about our favourite juice and cold drinks, and most importantly water.

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Couch Kitten: Keep calm during quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic was never something we imagined would happen. It is here now and it seems to assure us that it is best that we stay home more than ever. This means your children may think, “ah, mom is home” and you may think, “ah, the kids are home”. Don’t panic, keep your cool and help your children do the same.

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