Covid-19 under control – Nangombe

Martin Endjala

The Executive Director of the Ministry of Health Social and Services Ben Nangombe says that Covid-19 cases remain under control and that no new hospitalizations have been reported across the country.

Nangombe expressed that although this is comforting, people should not be complacent as the virus is still around.

He has since called or members of the public to be cautious and maintain social distancing.

Nangombe was reacting to concerns raised, following a rise of Covid-19 cases reported towards the end of 2022.

“Covid-19 is still with us and we will continue monitoring the situation as it unfolds, by carrying out surveillance via Covid-19 test conducts countrywide. And should the situation prove otherwise, we will react accordingly and inform the nation of any changes and new variants. We believe that the measures put in place are working well so far”, said Nangombe.

During November 2022, 192 positive cases were reported and 166 cases were reported during December 2022, with Erongo and Khomas regions having recorded the highest number of positive cases.

Furthermore, Nangombe said that there is a lot of work happening on the ground to ensure that the pandemic remains contained.

“The only way to maintain Covid-19 is by practising the measures that have already been put in place as they have proven to be working and an armor that will shield and protect many lives from the pandemic. We are, however, concerned about some citizens not adhering to the Covid-19 measures and this is worrisome as the country managed to make good strides in bringing the pandemic under control,” he added.

Nangombe reiterated that the ministry has instructed all regional directorates to reactivate Covid-19 testing facilities to monitor the cases.

Nangombe also urged Namibians to practice healthy diets particularly during the winter season, where cases seemingly often increase and to avoid small confined spaces as this is one of the reasons why the virus spreads.

However, the Executive Director emphasized that they will keep the nation up-to-date on new variants via its genome sequence amongst other related information while stressing that Namibia is not yet out of the woods. He concluded that every person must play their part in ensuring that things remain stable as possible in the country.

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