Namibians in the UK resist deportation

Thousands of Namibians in the United Kingdom who are on the verge of deportation say they left Namibia because of suppression, corruption and favoutism in the Namibian job market.

Claiming they are economic refugees, the group’s representative and Civil Rights Activist for Namibians in the UK, Petrus Undari says they want government to table an “equal opportunities for all Namibians” motion.

This comes after the British government announced that forced and voluntary deportation will be enforced on all Namibians whose asylum applications were rejected.

Applications of Over 1200 Namibians seeking asylum in the United Kingdom are outstanding and 90 percent of applications submitted have been rejected.

The Executive Director in the Ministry of International Relations, Penda Naanda this afternoon met with officials from the ministries of information, gender, home affairs, labour and the Namibia Central Intelligence Service to brief them on the outcome of a meeting between the British Home office and the Namibian high commission in London earlier this year.

The meeting suggested that the two governments agree on a return process of the Namibians whose asylum applications were rejected.

“A lot of young Namibian graduates are mushrooming its streets each year, shameful! Unemployment is sky high. Namibia government is having misplaced priorities. This is a country that is giving money away through dubious tenders, for condom distributer (sic) for people to have safe sex with no job! Instead focusing on jobs creations through vocational training. RUABISH!!! Jobs are recycled among the Old government worker’s population. Namibians jobs are distributed based of tribes and political parties comradeship,”(sic), Undari said in a statement.

He further alleges that Namibians from “unfavourable” tribes live in poverty-stricken conditions.

“I personally wouldn’t be living in the UK if there was equal job of opportunity for me in Namibia. We are educated here with our degrees in different pathsways we not iletrate. This is where we fight. Hands on! No Namibians in the UK will be deported to a country that is treating them like third class citizens(sic),” he said.

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