CoW CEO interviews not public . . . 61 apply and five shortlisted for top job

Eba Kandovazu

THE City of Windhoek yesterday announced that it had received a total of 61 applications for the Chief Executive Officer’s job, but only five candidates were shortlisted.

These are Otjiwarongo Municipality CEO Moses Matyayi, Deputy Executive Director at the Ministry of Works and Transport Joyce Mukubi, Chief Business Unit Executive at NamWater Eino Mvula, Researcher Charmill Zamuee and Roads Authority CEO Conrad Lutombi.

Acting Windhoek CEO George Muyumbelo said in a statement that interviews will take place between 27-28 September 2021, adding that public presentations by the candidates will be livestreamed although the structured Interviews are to be conducted in a closed session.

Graham Hopwood, the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), in an interview with the Windhoek Observer today said that although the interviews won’t be public, having the presentations done publicly is a step in the right direction.

“It is good because that essentially means we are moving forward and stepping away from what used to be procedural ways of conducting public position recruitments in secrecy,” he said.

The recruitment and selection process will include background checks, psychometric assessments, structured Interviews (closed session), public presentation which will be livestreamed, reference checking and pre-appointment medical examination.

“In accordance with the recruitment and selection regulations for Local Authority Councils, a maximum number of five candidates are permissible to be shortlisted for consideration of a position, a feat which therefore required that a comprehensive and meticulous process be followed in order to determine the most suitable candidates to be considered,” Muyumbelo said.

For the position of Strategic Executive of Economic Development and Community Services, Leslie Puriza, James Kalundu, Mary-Anne Kahitu, Zurilea Steenkamp and Vernouman Endjala have been shortlisted, while candidates for the Strategic Executive of Information, Communication and Technology position are yet to be shortlisted.

Labour union representatives formed part of the shortlisting committee.

Aspiring candidates for the Strategic Executive of Economic Development and Community Services position will be interviewed between 23-24 September 2021.

A total 52 applications were received for this position.

“Given the strategic importance of the executive positions, a rigorous and thorough recruitment and selection process shall be embarked upon and shall comprise a myriad of selection tools and methods aimed at ensuring that the most suitable candidate is selected and recommended for each of the respective executive positions.

“Following the finalisation of the process and the determination of a suitable candidate, a formal submission shall serve at either the Management Committee, with respect to the appointment of departments heads, or Council for resolution and subsequently to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, with respect to the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer,” Muyumbelo said.

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